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Having a strong and unique brand identity is the corner stone of any successful business. It is also one of the main design services of Mazu Studio. From logo design to packaging, we create every aspect of a brand identity with passion and expertise.


We are here to help you find your brand’s unique voice. Check out some of our branding projects below and contact us

for inquiries & questions.


Branding & Packaging Illustrations

Originally founded in 2018 with a different name and brand identity, the gourmet chocolatier NAVU CHOCOLATE commisioned Mazu Studio to create a visual identity, that would help to define their new position within their industry. So, a simple logo and a bold, colourful watercolor pattern came together to create an identity that is playful and also upscale. Currently their rich visual identity is a key part of their brand.


Packaging Illustrations

Myriod is a London based women's health brand, focusing on menstural products. To reflect the brand's mission for inclusivity & body positivity, a cheerful packaging illustration, full of happy people with different body types, was designed by Mazu Studio.


Packaging Design

Gourmet Ladies is an Istanbul based, boutique, local goods brand; specialising in unique tastes of Turkey. Founded in 2015, Gourmet Ladies commissioned Mazu Studio to create four original illustrations for their brand new tea blends.


To elevate their position in the market, we decided to identify the characteristics of these tea blends and visualize them into four different scenarios. We added lots of unique details and keep them all very colorful and cheerful to match the Gourmet Ladies world.


Brand Stationery Design

Yunus Karma is a leading floral designer, based in Istanbul, operating since 1992. Their impeccable taste and vision turns floral arrangements into works of art. They contacted Mazu Studio to match the style of their stationery to their services. Together we created a simple yet striking stationery set, including thank you cards, custom envelopes, tags and flower maintanence cards.

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